The Manic Home and Working Life

Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat recently, life has just been so manic. The end of term is looming, and this year we have double of everything with Boo being at preschool. Double sports days, double end of term madness. So when I am not running around doing school related things we are still trying to sort out our house.

This is something that we started months ago, and we are still frantically working through it, we have managed to sort a lot of the house but there are a couple of cupboards and one room left to do, and they are big jobs, so they do keep being left and not worried about as to be honest I don’t think any of us ever want to start them as we know they are so big, but they do need to be finished soon.

It has been amazing to get rid of so much rubbish and the house feels so much better because of it, so we do need to get the last few bits finished so that the whole house is completed.

However if these things aren’t enough to keep me manic, the thing that has been keeping me really busy has been Tropic.

Which I am loving.

I had some really quiet months recently, as I was concentrating so much on the house, but as there isn’t so much to do I  have been really focusing on Tropic and making some improvements with how I run things regarding the business.

I have been focusing on my team and my customers and I am pleased to say it does seem to be working.

This month I decided to be more focused, and after starting the month with only one thing planned all month in nine days I have developed a borrow box, and have that going out to different people three times this month, and have got four events planned between now and the end of the month.

So it is paying off. And I am loving what I am doing.

Everyday I am excited about what my plans for that day regarding Tropic are, I am talking to people regularly about my job and what I do and am just totally enjoying what I am doing.

And it takes up a lot of my time, which I love, but when it comes to sitting down of an evening after the kids have been sorted and the house has been tidied, most nights I do just want to veg out on the sofa and do nothing. I have ideas to blog, but don’t always have the enthusiasm to sit down and do it. But I am missing it so I am going to have a bit of a play with my bullet journal and work out a schedule for how to fit in some more blogging over the next few weeks as the boys will both be home and we will have a lot to blog about.

And one thing I do love blogging about is the boys and what we do when they are on holiday.

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