Staying Focused

This last month has only really been about Tropic, staying focused and achieving my goals.

I had a few goals that I wanted to achieve by March with Tropic this year, increasing my team, increasing the amount of sales I have each month, increasing my customer base and achieving some of the incentives that were being run in February from head office.

After lots of hard work over the last few days, and literally only focusing on Tropic and the end goal in sight I have by the skin of my teeth achieved a lot of my goals.

Not all of them, but that doesn’t matter.

I achieved enough of them.

And last night I was so so pleased with myself.

Over the last month I have increased my customer base massively, I have managed to secure Pamper Experiences and 1-2-1’s from Pamper Experiences which was actually my biggest goal. Through doing this I have managed to show Tropic to more and more people and have almost doubled my sales over the last month compared to other months. I have started developing my own team and have enjoyed showing them all about Tropic.

I love the products and am still amazed with how better our skin as a whole family is since we have started using it. Every day I find something else out about Tropic that totally fascinates me, and love that everything we are putting on our skin is chemical free, the only regret I have that it wasn’t available while Mr L and I were both younger, as my skin was terrible when I was a teenager. So I am looking forward to the future for the boy’s skin, and hoping that with regular Tropic use, if they do inherit my awful skin that they will avoid the horrible doctors treatment for acne.

Yes by the skin of my teeth I achieved the one thing that I wanted and that is a trip to Tropic HQ I was so determined to achieve this trip and didn’t loose my focus at all.

It was great to be focused on something to achieve it and to do something work related and just for me.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds for Tropic

“I am an Independent Tropic Ambassador and the views and opinions expressed here are solely my own and not those of Tropic Skin Care Ltd”

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