Halloween Make Up with Tropic Skincare

Halloween is just around the corner and the last few days I have been having a play and doing some Halloween Make Up with Tropic this is the first year that we are having Halloween at home and Baba and Boo are having a few friends around for tea, so I wanted to make sure Mr L and I got into the spirit of Halloween, so thought it would be the perfect reason to have a little play with all my Tropic make up.

I don’t have all the make up but I have a lot of it, and have seen some fab Halloween looks on Pinterest and they didn’t seem that difficult so I thought I would have a try at least and see how well they turn out.

This was the first look I tried a variation of the dawn of the dead make up.

This one probably took me the longest to achieve but wasn’t really difficult just fiddly to be honest.

To get this look I used the Light Correcting Concealer all over my face, then I added the Soft Focus Perfecting Powder to give my face a very light look. All the lines drawn around my mouth, eyes and the web were done with the Film Noir Silk Gel Eyeliner, and the contouring, nose lips and eyes were done with the Blue Masquerade Mineral Eyeshadow Palette and the Wild Wisteria Mineral Eyeshadow Palette. The look was then finished with the Lash Extension Kit.

This one was a great hit with Baba, however Boo was not impressed when he first saw it and didn’t overly like it so it wouldn’t be something that I would have on with children around.

This spider web look was very simple to do and something that you need minimal make up for.

I achieved this whole look with just the Film Noir Silk Gel Eyeliner, the Wild Wisteria Mineral Eyeshadow Palette and the Lash Extension Kit.

I used the Film Noir Silk Gel Eyeliner all around both of my eye lashes top and bottom and blended both of the lines in to make a very dark eye. I then drew a web around one of my eyes. I used the white from the Wild Wisteria Mineral Eyeshadow Palette to dab some white in between each section of the web.

I then used the Film Noir Silk Gel Eyeliner on my lips to give myself black lips to finish off the look.

This one was easy to complete was done in a couple of minutes and was a hit with everyone and gives a subtle but striking Halloween look.

The vampire look I love, and I was so impressed with the bite that I achieved just with Tropic make up, it looks like a real bruise and bite and it is just some eyeshadow and a lip glaze.

This didn’t take a lot of time but I did use a lot of make up for this look.

I covered most of my face in my Light Correcting Cream Concealer and then put a lot of Porcelain Mineral Foundation on and finished my face with the Soft Focus Perfecting Powder.

I completed my eyes with the Film Noir Silk Gel Eyeliner again drawn around my eyes and blended in with a variation of the Wild Wisteria Mineral Eyeshadow Palette and the Blue Masquerade Mineral Eyeshadow Palette. I used the Taupe Brow Define Palette to highlight my eyebrows and make them noticeable for this look.

I contoured with the Vintage Rose Sculpting Palette and the Raspberry Daiquiri Lip Glaze.

I completed the lips using the Stripped Silk Gel Lip Liner, which I coloured all my lips in with and then used the Sugar Plum and Raspberry Daiquiri Lip Glaze to make it look like I had blood around my lips I finished the lips off with some of the Wild Wisteria Mineral Eyeshadow Palette around the edges of my lips.

The bites were made by drawing dots on my neck with the Wild Wisteria Mineral Eyeshadow Palette, using the Raspberry Daiquiri Lip Glaze for blood and then adding the lightest colour of the Blue Masquerade Mineral Eyeshadow Palette around the edges, and adding a tiny bit of silver from this palette as well to finish of the bruised look. 

I am the most proud of this look as I never thought I could achieve it to be honest, as I wasn’t sure how I would make the lovely Tropic make up look like blood or a bruise, but both look amazing when completed.

I love all of them and all three are very different now I have the task of trying to decide which look to go for on Halloween. Which would you choose?

“I am an Independent Tropic Ambassador and the views and opinions expressed here are solely my own and not those of Tropic Skin Care Ltd”

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