My Bullet Journal

Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I love my diary, and have tried various different attempts at diaries over the years, online, offline, Filofax bullet journals and normal diaries. But I always seem to come back to my Filofax, which since I moved to my pocket-size I love and use all the time, it is always in my bag and is my main diary now a days. Although I still have notebooks all over the place and can never seem to find anything when I need it so I decided that what I really needed was a large notebook and use it along the same lines as a bullet journal.

Over the last few weeks I have been fiddling and writing in the journal and working out the things that I scribble in all the various notebooks around the house.

At first I was stumped with where I needed to go with the Bullet Journal but last night I got inspired and over the evening completed loads of pages in the book.

It isn’t a traditional bullet journal, I have collections, lots of them, that is the traditional part but I have done my own thing with the diary part of it. I use my Filofax daily, but it is nice to have stuff in the bullet journal for when I need it. So I have a to do list for the month, of what I want completed and I have a daily spread which is actually 8 days over two pages, and I have a month to view over two pages that I actually love and find really easy to look at. But it really is about the collections, the diary part of the journal is not the main focus.

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I have a whole section at the beginning of the journal to do with finances, our regular bills, a page working out payment on our mortgage and expenses. These pages are getting used massively and where the first pages that I actually put into the journal in January. So they are really important and I am finding them really easy to use and so pleased I am not having to scribble these figures down all the time to work out things.

After that I have the To Do list for May, this isn’t sorted into dates, it is just things that I want completed by the end of the month, really simple and nothing to taxing, with a very simple key. I then have the month split into days.

I have managed to put 8 pages across a two page spread which I am really pleased about, I made a conscious decision to only have enough space for five items for each day to be completed. I am really bad at writing massive to do lists and never completing any of it and I don’t want that to happen anymore so have restricted the size for the list. Meaning that the month doesn’t take over the whole notebook.

I then have my month to view pages, which again is spread over two pages. These have our commitments on, swimming, Beavers, School and play dates. It is nice to see at a glance what we are doing over the month, and means we can future plan.

bullet journal, planning, organising, diary

Then the fun collections start.

I have a collection for my blog, with the post ideas I have and when I have posted them.

I have my goals for my weight loss, including the amount of water I have drunk within a 24 hour period, and how much exercise I have completed.

I have my goals, which include, Fitness, Finance and Fun some of these goals are long-lasting, some can be quickly achieved but it will be fun crossing them off the list.

I have a KonMari collection and a cleaning collection, I am still in the middle of doing KonMari through the house, I have broken the back of it and only have two cupboards and the top room left to do but there is still a lot to do. Rather than forget where I am with it I have now written a list and sorted what is important and needs to be done first. Cleaning I have divided into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks and think I have worked out a great system as long as I can keep with it.

I have a few collections about Gardening, what to do with the kids, what we are growing, what to do in the garden and when to harvest our collections and then I have a collection about my dollhouse renovation which I am so excited about and a little food diary included as well as I am determined to sort my diet and weight out over the next few months.

Every page in the bullet journal is numbered and I actually write around the corner what the page is so when you are flicking you can find your page really quickly.

I am loving how it has developed so far, and it really has enabled all the random notebooks to be in one place and I can’t wait to see how the bullet journal develops over time.

No it is not the traditional version but it is right for me and works well with the pocket Filofax that I use everyday.

So far I know that it has totally inspired me though and can not wait to keep working with it.

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