The Beginning of the School Year

Today marked the beginning of our school year.

These two finished their summer holidays and made their leap into the next school year for both of them.

Boo started school for the first time, he has been so so excited to join his brother in school, and when the day finally arrived, he was just as excited. Until we got there.

He then kept asking if I was staying and was crying when I left, which was utterly heartbreaking but after two preschools this is Boo’s thing. He doesn’t settle easily into school and gets upset every drop of for quite a while.

School said he had settled within 10mins and he had a great time and ate most of his lunch, only packed none of us are brave enough for him to start on hot lunches, this was an amazing achievement on its own.

He has a bit of anxiety I think, when things are changing he asks questions about his routine for days until he is totally settled and this evening has been constant questions about what time he will be at school tomorrow, what days he is going, what is in his lunch box etc etc. I am sure when he is settled the questions will subside and he will be used to his routine.

While we were dealing with his first day, BB quietly slid into year 5.

How the hell did that happen?

For the first time he was actually excited about school, mainly because he has his dad’s old teacher today. But he was also excited about seeing his friends and I think in general had a really good day.

He is knackered this evening and will take a few days to adjust. Anyone that has ever read this blog will know that BB and sleep don’t generally mix, falling asleep is a task and a half for him. So until he gets back into a decent bedtime routine he will be emotional and knackered and I hope he will quickly get used to when he does and doesn’t need to sleep.

So for a first day it went reasonably well, let’s hope the rest of the year carries on like this!!




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