Sewing for Boys

I am a firm believer that all boys should learn to sew, so the past few months I have been looking up sewing for boys on the internet and trying to find something that Baba would actually be interested in sewing and something that he would want to make.

He has been at home the last couple of weeks due to his operation and we have been doing things gradually over the time that he has been home, today was when I thought that we would have a go with the sewing.

I had seen this really simple sewing for a noughts and crosses board.

It was really simple a piece of felt with the noughts and crosses lines hand sewn onto the felt.

But we decided to make it a little bit better, by adding another piece of felt, we cut of one corner and then Baba sew around all of the edges leaving the corner not sewn, and we then put in a bunch of buttons for him to have a noughts and crosses pouch.

Once it was made Baba was trying to work out how to keep the buttons inside the pouch so that we didn’t lose any of them, so we used something very simple and put a paper clip over the corner that wasn’t sewn which worked perfectly and kept the buttons in brilliantly.

This literally took a few minutes and was so easy for Baba to do. He found it very simple but absolutely loved the end result, I need to do some research and find some other things that he could sew as he really did enjoy it, but he really needs very simple things to do, but they also need to be something that he will actually like as he isn’t interested other wise.

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