Homemade Pokemon Tablet Case – Baba’s First Sewing Project

Baba has been asking to sew for a while now, and after searching the internet for something to do as his first sewing project, I wasn’t really inspired.

Then I saw a homemade felt fox tablet case, that used a lot of hot glue and a little sewing and I thought this was a perfect idea for Baba as he loves his tablet, so it would be great for him to have a funky homemade case for it.

We have a ton of felt at home but I knew that a fox wouldn’t be something that he would be interested in. So I had a bit more research and decided to go with a Pokemon case. It is something he is really into and it was a very simple design and only really needed three colours for the whole case.

We used;

2 pieces of white felt

1 piece of red felt

1 piece of black felt

Black cotton


Glue gun

We measured the felt to a little bigger than the tablet, luckily our felt was the perfect size.

We then folded the white felt in half and the red felt in half and made sure both the pieces of felt covered the whole tablet when attached together.

I then hot glued one side of the red felt to the white felt.

I cut out two circles one bigger than the other of the white felt.

I cut out a black circle bigger than both of the white circles and two black strips.

Baba then got to do some sewing and sewed the black circle to the black strip.

He then sewed both the white circles together and I hot glued the white circles to the black circle and both the black strips to the red felt edges.

I then sewed both of the edges along the white edge.

The last job was to hot glue on a velco dot, on the white felt and the back of the pokemon black circle.

This finished the job of nicely and Baba was so impressed with his Pokemon Tablet Case.

And for a first sewing project he did some fantastic sewing that I am really proud of and so is he.

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