Homemade Jack Skellington Halloween Costume

Baba doesn’t usually care what he dresses up for Halloween, we usually get away with a quick trip to a supermarket and buy whatever is there, this year however he wanted to be Jack Skellington and was determined to be it, I searched and searched and couldn’t find a costume anywhere. So in the end I decided that our only option was a handmade Jack Skellington costume.

I had a little look on Pinterest and there were a few people¬†who had done it so it didn’t look that difficult. Last week he had his school Halloween disco on Thursday so Monday I went shopping to get all the bits to make his costume.

I brought a white round neck t-shirt, and black round neck jumper and black trousers. I knew I had white acrylic paint at home and I knew that was all I needed to complete the outfit.

I got home and chopped off the neck of the jumper and made a soft triangle shape in the front of the jumper, I then chopped off the neck line on the t-shirt and sewed the t-shirt into the hole that I had cut in the jumper.

That was the top done.

I then spent the next two nights drawing white lines on the trousers and the jumper, back and front, sleeves and all. With the jumper I did a design to make it look like a jacket and then I found some old black material and cut out a cat face and some strips which I also covered in white line and sewed this onto the top of the white patch on the jumper.

I then added a white button on the front of the jumper and his costume was finished.

The outfit itself really was not difficult to make but it was time-consuming, drawing the lines took a lot of time. They look amazing now but over three nights they really started to get to me and I was slightly fed up with them to be honest. But once I saw the finished look I did love it.

And Baba really loved it.

He said it was his favourite Halloween costume and it was a massive hit for his Halloween disco and is now sitting and waiting to be worn for Halloween and trick or treating.



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