Rhianna Lily’s Album

Unless you live under a rock, you will know that I am a scrapbooker, and one of the things I love to do is make albums of our children.

Baba has a lot of mini albums, and an album started, and then we lost Rhianna and I stopped their albums. It was a really silly thing to do but at the time I was stumped with what to do as I didn’t want to scrapbook Rhianna’s little life as it was all bad memories, but I didn’t NOT want to scrapbook her life as she is and will always be our baby and will always be the boys sister.

So I was really torn.

So for the last three years the children’s albums have been stalemate, and because they have been stalemate I haven’t really done any scrapbooking, just mini albums.

Recently it has been really bugging me, I have really wanted to get going on their albums, the years are going by so quickly and I want them to be up to date and organised. But I knew I had to get over Rhianna’s album before I could do any of the others.

So last night I opened up my digital software and decided to go for it, and just to finally make a page.

I started with an easy page to be honest. Just a page about one of her flowers, a lot of Rhianna’s album will be flowers, I want the boys and their families to always see the effort we have put into Rhianna’s grave and I want to always remember the flowers we have used as well. So it seemed a good page to start.

I love the page and it didn’t open up to many emotions.

It is a lovely bright page, and just the kind of pages I want in her album. Obviously Rhianna’s album will be more pink than the boys, and more girlie colours, I want it to be a girlie album. After all it will be full of flowers.

I don’t want her album to be too fussy, simple but beautiful and I think I have managed that with this first page.

And I have broken the mould, I want to keep going, just doing a page at a time and hoping that I will finally break the back of all of their albums.

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