Learning To Decorate Candles

I love crafting, paper and scrapbooking is my baby, but I love all sorts of crafting, and I love to learn new things.

So when I got the opportunity to have a go at decorating candles I snapped it up.

I thought it would be really difficult and I was totally wrong, it is actually one of the easiest crafts I have every tried.

All you need is some napkins, or decoupage, an embellishment iron and some candles, and you are ready for a night or relaxation and crafting.

It is really that easy.

The only thing that really stops you is your own creative imagination.

It is also a very quick craft, both these candles were done in two hours, that included sharing the iron with four other people. So if you were using this solely on your own you really could complete the candles very quickly.

We love candles in our house and I wanted a different candle that wasn’t really feminine and that would appeal to both the husband and I.

I made this very simple candle, using two napkins and some gems. It is a simple yet striking design and one that both the husband and I like. I was really pleased with the look of it.

Then I decided to be a little organised.

Every year I want to incorporate a lot of handmade presents into our Christmas gifting, and to be honest it doesn’t really ever happen, mainly because I am busy with the business making items for other people. So I thought this year I would get organised and start very early with my making.

So I made this candle. It is for a specific person and it will be a Christmas present.

Again, it was such a simple make, just a napkin and some star embellishments added to the napkin design. It is so simple yet so lovely once finished, and I know the person I have made this candle for will absolutely love it. I can not wait to see their face when they receive it.

What other crafts would you like to learn?

Do you give handmade for presents? If you do I would love to see some of them.

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