Being Organised for the School Year

This school year, I have two children in two different places, and Boo’s hours will be increasing in January, and Baba is now in juniors rather than infants so has a lot more activities going on so I knew this year I had to start being organised.

It is not something that comes naturally to me, I have great ideas for organising our house and our loose paperwork, but within a few weeks of school I don’t know where pieces of paperwork are, and I lose dates and information that I need. Last year Baba lost as spelling book for most of the year, only for me to find it again in the summer holidays, and that can’t keep on happening.

So this year I was determined to be better.

Over the past week I have been looking on pinterest to find ways to organise all the school paperwork and have come across many different command centres as they are called with great wall displays of all the paper work for children and everyone in the house sorted and in a position to be seen at all times.

I loved this idea, and then realised that we really don’t have much wall space in our kitchen after we have taken most the walls away. But I still loved the idea but just had to work out a way to get a similar idea in our kitchen.

Last week as the paper work had started piling up, and we had letters, memos, newsletters and after school club dates all sent to us for Baba and Boo, I was making the lunch boxes for both Baba and Boo and realised that we had this great space on the side of the fridge, right next to where I make all the breakfasts, sandwiches, and our dinners.

All I needed was some magnets and a calendar to put on the side.

When I was shopping over the weekend I found this amazing white board, that had a week already on the white board and had a lot of magnets and pens with it as well. It was perfect and I knew that it would fit brilliantly on the side of the fridge.

After a little tweaking and moving around on the fridge, I finally found a way that worked for me.

A couple of days later I even found a magnetic pad for shopping, so I had to tweak the fridge side again until I was happy with it all.

But after a few moves around I was finally happy and now have a space for everything that comes in the house.

We have a little pile, we have a section for bills, and for Baba and Boo, appointments and for Baba’s homework.

It means in the morning I can have a quick look at the white board and see what we are all doing, and I can also find the newsletters the forms for the afterschool clubs, and information about trips, forest schools and future appointments.

And it really has made a difference this week.

I know where the paper work is. I signed it when it came in the house.

I returned what needed to be returned the next day.

And I knew what the kids where doing everyday.

I have also put a couple of nails in the wall next to the fridge so both their lunch boxes live there when they aren’t being used, perfect so that I don’t lose them over the school year.

Who knew a little bit of paper organisation could make such a difference!

How do you keep on top of your paperwork throughout the school year?

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