Filofax Love 2017

Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I love my Filofax, last year I had a lovely Pocket Filofax, that I adored and used all of last year.

When it got to the end of the year, I knew that I needed a slightly bigger diary, with one boy at school, one at preschool and Tropic pampers and work things to go into the diary I really didn’t have the space on some days.

It wasn’t that I needed a huge diary, many years ago I used to have a day per page diary and I knew I didn’t need that big. But I needed bigger than I had.

I spent a couple of weeks searching for the perfect diary for this year and it did take me a while as it had to be right, otherwise I end up changing my diary mid year and to be honest that really annoys me.

I finally found a Personal Filofax and I loved it, I loved the coffee and I loved the size and knew that it was perfect for me.

But I didn’t just want to leave it plain and simple.

I spent a day with some washi tape and worked through the diary, completely changing the whole look of the Filofax.

After the day I loved the Filofax, and so far I am so pleased that I changed to a bigger size. It is perfect for everything that I need and I have adapted the sections as well.

I have a Tropic Section for all work related bits and bobs.

I have a Blog section for this place, for post ideas, and plans for the blog.

I have a Craft section for the projects that I have planned for 2017 that is mainly just knitting and a couple of scrapbooking projects at the moment.

I have an Intentions section, for my goals over the year, which is always a great section to have on the blog.

I have a Presents section that has everyone’s birthdays in and I can add my ideas for presents as the year goes on.

Last but not least I have a notes section for anything else that seems important enough to be in the Filofax.

I have also added two pockets onto the today ruler using some brown paper pockets and washi tape, so that I can add in little notes and store it for when I need it.

But the biggest difference apart from the size this year is the fact that I have two pens, a pen and a pencil to write in the diary section of the Filofax, as I get really annoyed with things being crossed out, so this means that I can rub out things that change.

Having a bigger daily area means that I am able to write down the five things that need to be done each day in the diary section and I am using the space a lot better than I did in the pocket Filofax.

I am sure at some point I will be reusing the pocket-size but at the moment I am loving my personal size and I am really pleased that I made the decision to move up a size this year.


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