Little Princess Trust Baba’s Donation

Last week Baba announced that he wanted to grow his hair.

We had asked him if he wanted his hair cut at the end of term so that he could be a little crazy with his style as there was no school or any restrictions.

He said no.

He wanted to grow it, he wanted to grow it for the Little Princess Trust, so he can donate it and it can be made into a wig for a child with no hair because of cancer.

He wanted to grow it as he didn’t think they had a lot of red hair.

To say we were shocked was an understatement. He has never shown an interest in growing his hair and it was completely out of the blue.

But we instantly supported him, and are so proud of him for wanting to do this.

We looked into a little more, as we both had heard of the Little Princess Trust but didn’t know much about it.

We looked up the minimum length, 17cms and explained to him how long it would have to be.

We explained that he is going to get hot and bothered, Baba has the thickest hair of the family it has always been super thick and he get very hot with a lot of it. But he still wanted to go ahead.

We discussed that he is going to have to brush his hair daily, something he isn’t brilliant at doing.

We told him that he will more than likely have to tie it up as it will get in the way.

We discussed that some people may comment on him having long red hair.

He told us to get the fundraising kit.

Once the fundraising pack arrived, he was adamant that he wanted to school to know so that they were prepared for him arriving in September with a longer look. Tuesday night we discussed it with his new teacher and his head teacher and they both 100% supported his decision.

So now we have to just get his hair growing.

He is desperate to start fundraising but we have told him to get to the hair length first and then we will fundraise for getting his hair cut, before we donate to the Little Princess Trust.

To say we are proud is an understatement.

I shall be keeping progress on his growing as it gets longer and longer over the next few months here on the blog. So look out for regular Little Princess Trust posts.

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