Just a Bag

To most this is just a bag, a big old camping bag but just a bag.

To me it is so much more.

This was Baba’s bag last Friday ready for him to take another step of growing up.

Ready for his first District Cub Camp.

Ready for his first two nights away from us all.

Just ready.

As I was packing the bag last Friday for him, (as I had to buy it that day before he actually went away) there was so much more attached to this bag.

Than just a camping bag ready for a cub camp.

Baba has never gone away with something so large before.

He had to have all his belongings in one bag, and this was nearly as big as him.

But it was what he needed and he loved it.

I feel it is a bag that will be loved and well-travelled before it is finished with.

It is going to come out a lot over the years.

And it is something that I am going to dread as his mother, and he is going to love.

It’s not just a bag.

It’s a beginning of so many adventures.

So many experiences.

So many challenges.

So much exploring.

And it is so important.

It holds everything that will keep him safe.

Everything that we can give him that will help him with his travels.

It is his pillow, bed, clothes, first aid kit, survival kit.

It is going to go far with Baba.

This weekend was just the start.

To most it is just a bag.

To me it is so much more.

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