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Boys Have Long Hair Too

Boys Have Long Hair Too

If you are friends with me on Facebook I posted about this yesterday. If you aren’t this will be new to you, but hopefully the fact that BB, is growing his hair for the Little Princess Trust will not be new to you as it […]

Little Princess Trust Baba’s Donation

Little Princess Trust Baba’s Donation

Last week Baba announced that he wanted to grow his hair. We had asked him if he wanted his hair cut at the end of term so that he could be a little crazy with his style as there was no school or any restrictions. […]

The Gallery – Hair

We have a constant row in our house between Mr L and I it is one that started about a year ago and will never end and in a few years time I think a third person will be involved. It is always about the […]


Nits entered our house today for the first time. Unbelievably but true nits entered my life for the first time today. My sister and I both grew up without catching nits so I didn’t really know what I was looking for or what they were. […]

New Hair, New Life Views

I don’t know about you but I have a tradition with myself. When things go wrong or things are getting slightly out of control I go for the chop! Always have and always will! It is my personal therapy session. I go for a radical […]

Something Is A Changing….

Something is changing in our house and I am not sure what? Maybe it is the fact that Baba is now in pants! We decided to go for it, as he kept telling us when he needed his bottom changed, so we thought that we […]