Knitting A New Throw

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I taught myself to knit a couple of years ago and then made a throw for my room, that I completed at the beginning of the year.

Since then I have been knitting a new throw.

I have 58 squares to make for this throw and have so far completed 23.

This throw is harder in that there are a lot more colours and the techniques are much harder, even though the stitches are generally just the basic knit stitch.

It is certainly taking me longer to achieve this throw and I did take a long break from it as I do find the squares quite hard at times.

It is much more colourful than the previous one and now that I am nearly halfway there I am really liking the look of this throw so far!

I am really looking forward to finishing this as it is going to be really bright and colourful.

I just have another 35 squares to do and am hoping to have this finished soon after Christmas!

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