The Year of Scrapbooking

Last year I had one major goal to read more I aimed for 12 books and am currently reading my 15th. I changed a few things, I got up a bit earlier and made sure I read everyday even if it was just a page.

I was determined to get some of my massive pile of books read.

But one thing that I haven’t done this year is crafting, scrapbooking specifically.

When we moved rooms I lost my craft room and it had to be moved all into our bedroom, then we moved again and this time I lost my desk as well, ending up with a small dressing table, that really become a dumping ground. I had no where to scrapbook and no inclination to do any because of the lack of space.

I kept taking my photos and they stayed on my phone on Facebook, and on the computer. None being printed and none being put in albums.

I am not sure I am entirely with all our photos being just digital.

There is nothing to see.

Nothing to look at and it kind of fills with me dread when we are no longer here what the boys will have photo wise!

So this year I again have one big goal, to say I have one would be a lie, I am still in the middle of slimming world, the garden needs to be finished, there are loads of work goals, but the big one is my photos.

And it is divided into a few things.

I want the photos on my computer storage sorted and organised.

I want my photos printed.

I want to scrapbook those printed photos.

I want to frame those printed photos, for nearly 6 months I have had frames in my house with no photos in!

So I have started being proactive about this.

Last week, after having it installed for over a year I sat down and used a free printing app for the first time and got some of the photos printed on my phone.

Getting proper prints arriving in the post, took me back to years ago when I used Truprint to print of my films!

It was so lovely to have actual photos in my hand, to look at them with the boys and to decide on some to go into frames.

I still have lots of white frames but it is a start.

I also finally have a clear table to scrapbook on, and a stool to sit at the desk, also a huge problem when trying to scrapbook.

I am ready to get these photos sorted this year, and have even arranged a regular crafting time every couple of weeks with a friend to make sure I have a committed time to actually make this goal a reality.

I can not wait to have some completed scrapbook albums by this time next year!

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