It seems every year I write a post about our garden, and by the time the next year comes we are back doing the same thing.

Our back garden is sorted it needs a little more bark, as the boys have decided they want the whole of the garden patch ripped out, so the slippers need to go and they want just a big play area space out there. Which I am actually fine with.

We have tried many times to grow veg out the back, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Mainly it gets eaten by the dogs and it drives me a little potty.

But the boys are still adament they want to grow veg and fruit, Boo has put his list in carrots, peas, strawberries, raspberries, and he also wants bananas, I told him that wouldn’t happen.

But because they are so adament BB has been begging to do it all in the front garden instead of the back and growing things in pots.

First of all it was a big fact no from Mr L, but he has finally come around to the idea and has said yes ok they can have vegetables in the front and the garden patch can go in the back.

I am no gardener so am now reading through these books to make sure we actually do this right this time.

I am sure we have missed the boat for this summer but I know we can grow things in the autumn and the winter so it is all about getting the garden ready and prepped and letting the boys develop some fab gardening skills while they are growing.

Any tips will be gratefully received.

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