A Spring Clean

Today Boo and I gave the garden a little spring clean it wasn’t too bad weather, cold but dry we decided that we would tackle the eyesore that the back garden had become.

In past years the garden has always taken a back seat until the nicer weather arrives, and then we are late for planting our seeds and it is a mad rush to get it ok to be used again, but I didn’t want to do that this year, for a few reasons.

Firstly Baba really wants to improve on his growing of vegetables this year so I want to be planned for it and know what we are doing and when.

Secondly Boo loves to be outside, he is totally at his happiest when he is outside running around, I have always got away with not bothering with the garden as Baba only really likes planting the vegetables and the summer months. Boo will be out in it all year round if he could, and when the days are dry he wants to be out there. So I decided the garden had to be ready for him.

Thirdly it really bothers me when I look out the window at the garden.

Fourthly I wanted to see how Rhianna’s shelves were doing and if any repairs needed to be made.

Fifthly I knew that the greenhouse was broken and I needed to see if it could be repaired or we need a new one.

So after lunch and once the grass had thawed a little we braved the cold put on our layers and went outside.

We had to do a little tidy up and then assessed the damage on the greenhouse.

We only brought Baba a cheap plastic greenhouse with a plastic cover on and it has unfortunately been trashed over the winter, the dogs have chewed the plastic due to a hole appearing over the summer, and some of the actual metal poles have broken at the hinges making it totally unrepairable. So we are now on a hunt for a greenhouse, who knew they were so expensive.

I think we may have to buy another plastic one, I would love to invest in a proper walk in greenhouse for him with doors and all sorts as he would generally love it but at the moment it is an expense we can’t really cover,  but I will keep looking to see if there is anything that we can find.

It is still up at the moment as it is still holding his little seed pots and has all of his equipment in to start his growing with this year.

But I was so happy to see that Rhianna’s shelves had lasted, we had one breakage, which was a pot holder that was all. Other than that they are still looking gorgeous and brilliant in the garden and just going out there and seeing all of her items made me feel better and smile.

Once we knew her shelves were ok, and the greenhouse wasn’t we then spent the next hour, sorting out the dead plants and the weeds in the vegetable patch and digging over the earth that was in the vegetable patch after all the weeds were taken away. Boo helped with this and had great fun with his little spade digging up the earth to make sure mummy didn’t miss a patch. He could have been out there for hours.

We picked up all the debris that has been laying around on the garden, there seemed to be millions of lollypop sticks, I am not sure where they all actually came from to be honest, but I picked up lots. And moved some of the pots around in the garden.

We checked the bug hotel, which all seemed fine, we couldn’t see many bugs in there but hopefully something will be in there this year.

And we moved the boys toys around.

Next job is to clean all the toys up as they have been out there all winter, and have got very dirty over the past few months, and to find a new greenhouse.

Then it will be to add some compost to the vegetable patch and decide on what we are growing this year.

We had a great success with pumpkins last year but they stopped anything else from growing so this year we need to rethink that.

What vegetables will you be growing this year?

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