Kitchen Tidy

I wrote a couple of days about wanting to have a sort out of my kitchen.

Well that is exactly what I have been doing for the last two days.

I brought baskets, lots of baskets and sorted things into baskets and moved a couple of things around.

To be honest there isn’t a lot that can be moved in my kitchen which I do love, but every so often things just get a little blooming cluttered and need a bit of a revamp.

The biggest problem this time was my kitchen island.

I love my island.

It is the most luxurious thing in my kitchen, it has two shelve one side and they get filled with some serious junk.

And that is what was really bugging me.

So it needed a massive sort out.

I told you I brought a lot of baskets.

It took me a few hours to be honest, and by the time I finished the kitchen I had a bin bag full of rubbish, mainly from these two shelves.

And found a huge pile of toys that Boo had clearly been storing in the nocks and crannies of the stuff that was on the shelves.

But I am so pleased with it.

And impressed with how much I have managed to get into the baskets.

I have followed the basket theme on a couple of the shelves as well, and have a couple filled with cleaning products as well. (That’s another post)

But I am really pleased with the finished look.

It wasn’t a massive thing, or a massive change, just a bit of an adaptation, but it has made a huge difference in the room and I feel like the room isnt cluttered anymore, and I have space to do things in there again.

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