Just Place An ‘X’ On Our Door

The blog has been a little quiet as the boys have brought a pretty grim virus into the house.

They have been fighting it for a while, having both been ill the week before last and then Boo battling on with a hideous cough all week. 

BB also kept telling us he felt ill, but had his school play and battled through it, he had a performance on the Wednesday and Thursday evening. 

By Thursday afternoon he was battered, he came home went straight to bed and his temperature was high, so he stayed at home, luckily only being in the choir meant he could miss the play he wasn’t vital to it. 

But by Friday morning he was a little croaky but actually was ok, so he went to school croaky and Boo went coughing lots and lots.

Friday night both of them looked a bit peaky, and by Saturday morning BB had a hideous croupy cough and was really struggling to catch his breath and his temperature was hitting 40degrees, even with medicine. 

And his brother just kept coughing and coughing. 

We had this idea to take them to London on Saturday to see the Christmas lights, we ended up staying in with both of them on the sofa and BB actually falling asleep for a few hours. 

Yesterday the temperature was gone, but both were coughing, both weren’t overly eating, and both felt rough. 

And so did Mr L and I.

I kept them both of today, as they really didn’t eat a lot and they are both hacking like anything and both have been saying their throats and chests hurt and have actually been ill for over a week. They are both prone to chest infections and wanted to make sure they hadn’t got one, luckily they are both clear. But do still have the virus that is going around.

I am hoping they are on the mend and can cope with the last few days of school, as I know they will both be gutted to miss the Christmas dinner and the fun day. 

However Mr L and I are feeling utterly rotten and like our heads are about to explore, we are both bunged up and I have a very annoying cough which I know will get worse as my coughs always do and I usually end up on my inhalor just to get them to go away! 

So we are certainly not a home to be visited at the moment and really are not all feeling that great!

But I am praying that as we still have seven days before Christmas we should all be clear and healthy by then!! 

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