A Little Bit Of Odd

Well if you are popping on over to the blog at the moment you may notice that the blog is looking, well a little strange, and that is mainly due to a lot of photos no longer being there and instead a black image about third parting sharing being there instead.

Now this is a huge thing that I have to delve into a lot deeper, because ever since I started blogging I have used Photobucket to host my images, and then used the link to share the image over to the my blog. But I am not paying the £39 a month to carry on doing this via Photobucket which I discovered this morning, when I got a spam email from Photobucket earlier today.

So instead I am going to be looking for a new image hosting site, one that I can use the link from the image to post it into my blog, and I think I have found the place that I will be using.

However it really isn’t that easy as I have got to move a tone of pictures from Photobucket across to a new image hosting site and then rearrange all the links on this blog.

So if you don’t mind it may look a little strange on the blog for a while.

I apologise in advance and hope that it wont take that long to sort and the blog will be looking all shiny and new very soon.

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