I Am Still Here

I am still here, quiet but still here.

End of term madness has taken over and we are barely in our house at the moment let alone having time to do lovely things such as blogging as well.

The fact that I have had the photobucket issue and now have a blog full of black blobs throughout my blog I have been a bit put off doing anything with the blog to be honest.

I have been writing this blog since Baba was only one and that is a lot of pictures to sort, especially as a lot of them are not even named and are just put in the posts.

Which means I have got to go through each and every post individually and read them and try to match them with the photos that I have transferred to my new photo storage, and reput in all the new URLs of each image to replace the black blobs that are now all over my blog.

It is a mission and a half and if I am totally honest I am kind of scared to do it as I really¬†don’t know where to start.

Starting is the key, but really where do you start on a job that has seven years of writing on. All those years ago I used to blog every single day, if not more than once a day!

So I have been the totally productive person that I can be at times and I have ignored it totally! But that isn’t going to work forever.

I need to be proactive and I need to post regularly and I need to sort this little space out.

And I need to fall back in love with my blog.

So I hope to change a few things around and I hope to fall back in love with the blog and be posting regularly again!

Please bare with me I am still here, but I am just not really sure where to start or how to get the blog back to how it used to be! But I hope it wont take that long. And I hope you will still be here when I am all finished!

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