To Cloth Or Not To Cloth

When Baba was born I really wanted to use cloth nappies. Mr L was not so sure. I went ahead and brought a couple anyway and got met with a lot of resistance from Mr L and as he was home a lot of the time with Baba I ended up giving in, we moved to fully disposables.

I thought about it again with Rhianna when I was pregnant, but didn’t dare to think of it with Boo.

Until now I haven’t thought about it at all really.

Then Laura posted pictures of Bee wearing these great colourful nappies, and last night she told me how wonderful they are. And it got me thinking.

There will be no more babies after Boo and cloth nappies is something I wanted to do.

If I don’t do it with him I wont get another chance.

I spoke to Mr L about it last night, he is still totally anti it, even though it will save money he doesn’t want to know. But he is working a lot now, he only really does nights and weekends so I can’t see why we can’t just use disposables for them. He agreed if he didn’t have anything to do with it then he would be fine with it.

So do I go ahead or not?

I am not really sure, I like the idea but I am not sure whether I am cut out to be a cloth mum.

I am not sure if they are as easy as everyone says?

If cleaning and drying them would take up too much time?

If Boo would like them if I would like them, if it would be sensible to do with the dogs around?

I am not even sure how much I would need or what I am looking for. Boo is a heavy wetter, and has chunky monkey legs but not a massive belly so I really don’t know what would be the best for him!

There are so many questions, and some research needs to be done, because if we are going to do this I want to do it right!

So did you cloth?

What did you think of it?

What would you recommend?

4 thoughts on “To Cloth Or Not To Cloth”

  • Both my boys were almost exclusively in cloth nappies and with only 16 months between them I had 2 in nappies for a while. They are easy to use although I did find I had a little bit of leakage as they got big and more active. However that was just before they finished using them, which they both did young – possibly because they could feel the wet so were able to associate weeing with a wet feeling and so trained sooner. Washing was not an issue – I just used a lidded bucket (with a few drops of Tea Tree oil added) and machine washed when I had enough, then line dried in the sun to bleach out any stains.

    I used Motherease but there are now a lot more to choose from and this was 10 years ago.

    One and a half sets was enough for both my boys and afterwards I sold them on second hand.

    I would recommend cloth nappies to anyone – they are not hard to use, they are natural and good for both baby and the environment (every nappy ever produced is still in landfill somewhere) and will save you money.

    Good luck persuading Mr L.

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