Real Nappy Week 2015

This week, 20-26th April 2015, is Real Nappy Week, and for the first time we can actually write a post about it!

I always wanted to use real nappies with Baba but never really convinced Mr L to go ahead with it. When I was pregnant with Rhianna I was determined to use them, but obviously never managed that. So when I was pregnant with Boo, there was no question that I would not be using them. It was something I wanted to try before I finished having babies.

We don’t have a lot, but we do have some and I have literally added some more to this little pile today and will be adding more as the next few weeks go on.

I admit I have been slack in using them, mainly because of building work going on, but seeing all the posts about nappy week has made me realise how much I actually love using real nappies. It has also made me realise how good they are for Boo’s skin.

With his eczema his skin suffers badly with nappy rash, but with real nappies he rarely has a problem, so I am inspired to start using them regularly again and to start shouting about how great real nappies really are.

They are so easy, so simple to use and not to mention a great cost alternative (between £150- £1000 saving).

But it isn’t just about the cost using real nappies, it is about the environment.

Go Real is all about changing the world one nappy at a time, I go on and on about us being a throw away society when it comes to photos and scrapbooking, and you know what we are just the same with nappies. We use and we throw away and our landfills are growing – massively. 3 billion disposable nappies are used every year which equals 355,000 tonnes of waste produced. That is a lot of waste.

Go Real has stated that if every baby just uses one cloth nappy a day we will save 813,200 nappies going to a landfill. What a massive difference.

And there is nothing to it, a cloth nappy is just as easy as a disposable nappy. It isn’t difficult to put on, it isn’t difficult to set up, (you just put a liner inside the nappy). It isn’t difficult to clean, (I use a liner on top of the nappy to deal with poo, and it has made Mr L even use them having this in the nappy) And it doesn’t create a load more washing. I do one load of washing in the evening that is all.

Nothing hard.

Nothing taxing.

But something so much better for the environment, Mr L’s pocket, and for Boo’s skin.

I am glad I made the change to real nappies and am going to continue using them for Boo until he potty trains, and if we ever had other children I would use them and will always recommend them.


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