Time To Travel

This year we really want to travel with the boys, neither have ever been on a plane, and BB has a residential abroad next year, I remember being the only kid on a school trip that hadn’t been on a plane, and I don’t want his first experience on a plane to be with school. I want it to be with us.

So Mr L and I decided this was the year that we would sort out the passports and take them somewhere new, even if it was a quick weekend trip to Europe.

Which to be honest I think they would prefer.

We live in the sticks, but our two love nothing more than being in a city. They thrive on the hustle and bustle, the shops, I have three boys that love shopping, and the whole atmosphere of a city.

If they are given the choice were to go, more times than not the boys will pick Brighton, or London and they have the best time.

They love the beach, don’t get me wrong, but they are not children to sit on a beach. They like exploring for animals, rocks, and shells. They love to swim, but they would never sit by a pool and they would hate to be in a villa.

They love a hotel, and they love learning about a city and I can see lots of city breaks happening with them. A lot of exploring, seeing the sites, and trying the food, and they would be happy.

So this is the year we are going to sort it and start planning.

We are currently in passport hell, how many forms, and trying to get them all sorted and sent off so that we can plan our first visit for the family.

Letting the boys experience the world and visit somewhere different!

We can not wait!

Where would you advise for a good city break with two boys?

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