Beach Life

We have spent the weekend at the beach.



Throwing stones.

And just being free.

No stress.

No worries.

It was just what we needed.

It was what the boys needed.

It is what Mr L and I needed.

It was what the dogs needed.

The weather said we had a yellow warning.

That the weekend would be full of rain and thunderstorms.

We decided to risk it anyway.

We had a night of thunder.

But the boys slept through.

The days were full of sun.

They were warm.

They were chilled.

They were just the days we needed.

Our children are beach boys.

They are at their calmest.

And their happiest on the seas edge.

Roaming around beaches.

Finding shells, stones and crabbing.

It is when they are most content.

It is always the best start to a school holiday!


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