The Year Of The Wedding…

So this year is the year we get married.

We have been engaged for two years nearly now, and we were doing quite well with getting organised for the wedding and then I feel pregnant with Boo and neither of us could really get our heads into wedding mood and we stopped all wedding planning, all we could focus on was the pregnancy.

But now that Boo is here, we really don’t have any excuses. And we don’t really have that much time. We are getting married on the 30th of August, the church is booked and we are in the process of sorting the reception, we have our bridesmaids and ushers and best man sorted, and Mr has his stag do sorted but apart from that everything else needs to be done.

We have a list that seems to continuously be growing and plans that need to be made.

So we are in full wedding mode now, we both need to loose weight, and get into shape before we decide what we are wearing and for me that doesn’t leave me much time. I need to start looking for a dress soon, I have an idea of what I want but it is trying to find what I like and working out the size that I will need.

A lot of the wedding will be handmade, I am making invites, and the smaller details for the wedding and I am trying to get started on a lot of them now so that I am not struggling in the summer holidays with two children and trying to get a wedding organised.

But our biggest job at the moment is the wedding list! Which is proving to be a nightmare of who to invite and who to include! We will sort it I am sure but right now whenever I look at it I get a headache so hopefully it will get easier over time!

But for now any tips will be greatly received.

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