3 Months Today

Three months today I will be married!

I will be Mrs L.

No more Mr L’s girlfriend, no more Miss.

Just Mrs L!

It has suddenly become very real!

In 13 weeks we will be in party mode and in the main event.

And I can’t believe it is happening so quickly.

The last of the invites are being made, half the bridesmaids dresses have been brought. The disco is booked, the photographer is sorted, the venues are done and the food is being sorted.

Things are really happening!

And then there is my dress.

It’s gorgeous I love it

I adore it

It is just the perfect dress, the one that I wanted

But it’s a little to small.

Not massively too small but a little still

So I am on a mission.

I started listening to Thinking Slimmer Slimpods a few weeks ago, but then I got ill, Baba got ill and Boo got ill and it kind of got forgotten about. But now I need to get back on track.

Tonight I am going to go back to listening to my Slimpods, and I am going to start using the exercise bike that Mr L brought me a couple of weeks ago and get to grips with my diet. It’s all going to be about healthy living from now and getting to the right dress size!

I don’t have long but I need to achieve it as I have a goal and it’s one that has to be achieved. So any tips, ideas or great ways to lose weight then please shout about them and let me know as I really do need all the help I can get.

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