The Loom Bands Have Landed

I knew that it wouldn’t be long.

Being that his cousin is obsessed with them.

It was always going to happen.

Baba asked for them in the half term break, I kind off ignored the request for a while.

After Father’s Day and seeing his cousin again he asked, actually begged for them this time. So I thought I couldn’t really say no or ignore the request again.

So yesterday after school we went shopping.

Seven pounds later a loom board and a whole lot of loom bands later we had a happy boy.

As soon as we got home he was making them and he was so pleased with the result. Straight away he made a band for Uncle Dave and a band for Rhianna to remember them by.

He played with these all day yesterday making different bands trying to figure out different techniques. He wanted to do more this morning, but we managed to convince him not to take them all to school. But I had to agree to make him a bracelet while he is at school, for him to leave them.

I even managed to find a great little art box to store them all in and to keep them nice and tidy.

I am sure it wont stay like this but for now it looks so pretty and they are so much easier to find, although there is still another bag as Baba has taken a bag to Nannies today.

So I have a day of looking online and finding some different style bands to make for Baba and probably for me, as I have to admit I find it very relaxing just sitting there making them. I have even made a Pinterest board for lots of loom band inspiration.

So what Loom Band creations have you made?



2 thoughts on “The Loom Bands Have Landed”

  • My girls are totally obsessed by these. I relented at half term and bought them one bag, today we have purchased 6 more! We don’t have the board though but they seem fine with that. So far they have only really made bracelets. Where did you get the art box? That would be useful.

    • I had the art box for my Scrapbooking I think it was brought from Hobbycraft, we have had it a few days and I think he is on his 9th bracelet already, and I have to admit I have made two myself they are quite chilling really x

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