The Final Goodbye

No one should bury their child!

No one should stand at a graveside and watch their child’s coffin be lowered into the ground!

6 years ago we did just that.

We stood and watched.

Watched the tiniest grave be filled by the tiniest coffin.

No one should watch that.

It was the final goodbye.

It was the thing I personally dreaded the most.

The thing I couldn’t sleep for worrying about.

Or wouldn’t sleep so it didn’t come true.

It was the thing I was still doubting about going to five minutes before it was starting

It was the thing I had to be told I was going to do by friends who turned up on the day.

“You’re that little girls mummy, all she knows and whether you want to or not you will go stand at her grave, be strong and be there for her”

Words I still live by today.

It was so final.

The end.

The goodbye.

The moment you are supposed to move on.

The moment grief finishes.

But its the moment a new life starts for you.

The moment your life is divided.

Before you


After you.

No one should watch their baby be buried

No one should have to say that final goodbye to their child

But we did six years ago today

And it feels like yesterday

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