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Slimming World Update

Slimming World Update

So last Thursday was weigh in day. Mr L maintained after a bad week with food, he luckily knew where he had gone wrong and was happy to have maintained as he actually thought he would have put on! I lost a pound, I had […]

Slimming World Three Weeks In

Slimming World Three Weeks In

So we are now three weeks into Slimming World, and it has been an interesting three weeks. I have done Slimming World before, so slipping back into the routine of it, was still not 100% easy but was a lot easier for me than Mr […]

Stepping Into My Jeans

This Monday I got up, had my breakfast and got dressed. I put my jeans on. Not just any jeans but my jeans! Not a pair of maternity jeans, not a pair of jeans with a fabric stretching maternity belt around the top of the […]

Weightloss Update

I am trying to record this weekly, so that I absolutely know how I am doing with my weight-loss each week. Last week I was really impressed to have lost more weight as I really wasn’t expecting it and had made the decision to start […]

Still Going Strong

Last week I wrote about the first week back on the diet bandwagon, I was really impressed that I lost so much last week and really hadn’t made that many dramatic changes. So to lose 4.25lbs was amazing and I was really pleased with myself. […]

The First Week…

Last week I wrote about getting back on the bandwagon of my good friend loosing weight! It was a tough week to start, a tough fortnight actually with weddings, Rhianna’s debriefing and Rhianna’s due date all in the space of two weeks. But I just decided […]


Yesterday I wrote about diet restarting and was talking about how I was going to get back into it and you guys were my little slimming group and needed to shout at me and spur me on. Well I need that only 24 hours in! I […]