Slimming World Update Once Again

I posted yesterday that Slimming World has been a bit of a struggle recently, so you can imagine that neither Mr L or I were really looking forward to going for weigh in tonight. 

We were both convinced we were both putting on weight and were dreading it to be honest. 

So imagine our shock when we went and I had lost 1lb and Mr L had lost 2.5lbs, a total shock for both of us. 

These two loses have taken Mr L to half a pound of 3 stone total weight loss, and I have lost 2st 4.5lbs in total. 

We started on the 30th April this year so in seven and a half months we have lost that and to be honest I am pretty amazed that we have done so well. 

It isn’t always easy, we have mega bad weeks, we have awful days, and great days, but within the last seven months we have changed the way we eat dramatically and I don’t remember the last time I am the weight I currently am. 

And it feels good! 

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