Weekly Weigh In and a Gain

So this week I gained half a pound at my Slimming World weigh in.

And I am ok with it actually.

Here is the thing this week I have struggled. 

So so much.

We had Boo’s birthday, which actually spanned over three days. 

We hosted two of them and the third we were at my sister’s and went ice skating and had a fast food dinner. 

The times we hosted I did some salad, and had meat we could eat but we also had humous and crisps, and nuggets and pizza and all things that aren’t that great for you. And cake! Lots of cake! 

I have also discovered this week after years and years of hating them that actually a mince pie isn’t that bad! When I am on a diet! 

And I also went out for dinner and ate so much bread I am surprised I don’t look like a piece! 

It has been an awful week.

I opened the bad food door and that is all I have wanted all week.

It’s been a week that I really could have not gone to the weigh in.

A week that I could have stayed at home and put my head in the sand.

But I didn’t.

I went I got weighed and accepted the number.

Actually that is the best way for me to cope.

If I didn’t go the bad eating would remain and that half a pound would be 1, 3, 7 a stone later and I would be back at the beginning again.

So I go because yes I put on half a pound but I still have lost over 2 stone.

And that to me is amazing.

And it is all since the beginning of May when we went for the first time and that loss that’s what keeps me going each week. And however annoyed I get with my half a pound losses or gains, all that matters is that I am doing it gradually and I will get to my target very soon

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