And Another Slimming World Update

It’s that time of the week, where we hot trot off to Slimming World and get weighed. (It seems to be the only post that I regularly post at the moment, but we will come to that on another day) But back to the main point, it was the weigh in before Christmas and actually Mr and I were both dreading it.

I had been out on Friday night, for a Christmas dinner, Mr had a takeaway that night and we had also had a takeaway on the Saturday night when the boys were so poorly and we were both feeling rough.

We knew we had had a bad week and really were expecting the worst.

To be honest mine wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, I have gained half a pound and Mr gained two and a half, he was pretty gutted.

But we knew it was going to happen.

And I am trying to keep into my head that at the beginning of the year I was at least 2+ stone heavier than I am now so that is a massive positive, and I am trying to hold onto that.

I also got into a pair of trousers three sizes smaller than I was wearing at the beginning of the year. That again is a massive positive.

And those are the things I am trying to focus on.

Rather than being to down in the dumps about putting half a pound on.

We have the last weigh in of the year next Thursday.

And I am really not expecting great things, but we will still be there. Because we will be accountable.

As I said to Mr L tonight I won’t be wolfing down my whole box of miniature hero’s as I do most years, actually that usually happens with wrapping and that is all done this year, but I am not going to be neurotic about the diet this week.

I will eat within my syns the other days but on Christmas Day I will eat my meal, with the pigs in blankets as well, and my day will be focused on having fun with the family and the kids and it won’t be focused on Slimming World.

It may not be the best plan, but it is the plan that I am going with this year.

And whatever the scales say next Thursday, Friday we will be back on the Slimming World plan and will be back focused and ready to take on 2019!

And hopefully at some point both get to our targets!

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