Slimming World Update First of 2019

Well yesterday was our first weigh in of the first year and I lost another half a pound.

I am not sure how it happened as both Mr L and I have not been on plan really at all.

He put on three pound he was pretty upset about it, as he has put on for the last three weeks.

But as I kept saying yesterday we haven’t been on plan for nearly two weeks and had already decided today wouldn’t be massively on plan, as it was our last day together without the kids before Mr goes back to work and normality happens on Monday.

So what happened over Christmas happened. From tomorrow that changes.

Actually from this evening, as we had a great on plan dinner this evening.

I am loving that we know can have two healthy a extras which means I don’t have to make a decision between milk and cheese I can have some of each on the day without syns! And it means we can have a simply yet yummy dinner in the evening as well and BB gets one of his favourite meals as well.

But now we need to plan and get properly back on track.

I have tried to meal plan in the past but never really get anywhere with it, I write it down but don’t follow it. But I really need to change that and try to get on top of what we are having to eat each day so that Mr and I don’t wonder off the plan.

So it is now time to focus and plan and get back on track.

If you know of any tricks or ways to stay within my meal plans then please let me know.

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