Chocolate Pancakes and Marshmallows for Breakfast…

I have got into a bit of a rut at the moment with Slimming World, well Mr L and I both have to be honest, we seem to have the same food over and over again and it doesn’t always feel appetising or seem to help with the weight loss.

So we have started having a nose on social media and really looking in the recipe books to get a bit of variety in our meals.

We won’t continue on this path unless we can get a bit of a different selection of food in our diet.

And one thing I love is pancakes.

I have seen recipes for them all over the place that are slimming world friendly but have been a little apprehensive about how to make them.

Today I thought I would be brave and really had a sweet tooth this morning so made Chocolate Pancakes with a chocolate sauce and marshmallows and they were amazing.

I made a complete mess in the kitchen making them. But I am sure that was because it was the first time and the more I make these the less mess I will make.

But essentially they were really simple to make and only your Hex B allowance and 3 syns.

I used 40g of blitzed up porridge oats, I used Scots Porage, and blitzed them with a hand held blender. I used two eggs I separated the whites and whizzed these up with the hand held blender as well, making it a fluffy mixture. I then put in 4 tbsp of 0% fat Natural Greek yoghurt, 1tsp of cocoa powder (1 syn) and 1tsp of sweetener.

All of this mixture was mixed together and then I added a little at a time to a frying pan with fry light in and cooked up the pancakes.

I then made a chocolate sauce with 3tbsp of 0% natural yoghurt and 1tsp of Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Liquid Chocolate (0.5syn) mixed together and stacked the pancakes with some of this sauce between each pancake.

I then finished all the pancakes off with 10g of Mini marshmallows (1.5syns)

All of that for three syns. A completely naughty but on plan breakfast to curb those chocolate sweet cravings! One that I will definitely make again.

Now I just need to be more adventurous with the rest of our meals!

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