Last 2018 Slimming World Update

So on Thursday we once again went off to Slimming World dreading it as we have totally been off plan since Christmas eve.

Mr L put on 3 pounds, I lost half a pound.

Don’t ask me how or what I did as I wasn’t on plan, I enjoyed Christmas I had pizza, cheesecakes, chocolates, and cakes.

But I still lost half a pound, to date I have lost two stone four and a half pounds.

We went on Thursday and collected our new packs as Slimming World is changing a little, not even looking at them until today as we still had a couple of days of Christmas activities to do before we really went back on plan.

We are still out on News Years Day, but now have completed our shop and will be back on track from now on. So that hopefully next week the damage won’t be too bad.

But it is hard work getting back into the rhythm of slimming world and not just reaching for the chocolate, biscuits or cakes.

We still have them in the house, the kids got brought loads and too be honest if we are it all before we went back on plan we would probably be back where we started so that is a silly idea, and I won’t throw it out as the boys will eat it eventually, as they can’t see it all now it has been hidden away.

But it is time to stop just eating as we like and to get back into the right mindset and get organised for the new year.

Today I meal planned for the week and have everything we need to stay focussed and organised for the week ahead before Mr goes back to work a week Monday, so we can both be back in the slimming world mind before normality resumes.

I can’t believe that this time last year I was at around 2stones 4.5lbs heavier than I am now, I never realised I was as big as I was. And am really now starting to see a difference in how I look and the clothes that I can wear.

I need a bit of a clothes sort out there are a lot of, tops especially that no longer fit me and now just hang and I really need to charity shop so that I can get some space to get some more in the wardrobe.

That is something we both need to do, as even though Mr L put on weight this week he is still at a two stone eight pound loss and he really needs to sort out his clothes as a ton of his are far too big for him now.

I am not saying that Slimming World is easy at all as there really are some seriously hard day’s. But it is working and we can not fault that.

The prove is there we are seeing it every day and it really is making a huge difference to our lives.

I am really hoping that with some serious planning, and some actual trying of the recipes and come serious cooking that we will both hit our target weight in 2019 so next Christmas we won’t need to worry about what we have lost or gained over the Christmas period.

So watch this space….

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