Sewing a Skirt from a Shirt

When I first got my sewing machine for my birthday my dream was to make clothes, for myself and for the boys. Last night on a whim I decided that I wanted to sew a skirt, and I had a little look online and the easiest way seemed to be to making a skirt from something else so I thought I would have an attempt at sewing a skirt from a shirt as Mr L has a couple of shirts that don’t fit him and are heading for the charity pile.

The first thing was to find a shirt that I liked and that Mr L no longer wanted.

Once we had decided on a shirt I knew that I wanted to keep the bottom of the shirt, as this made the skirt a lot easier as I wouldn’t have to sew the hem.

I also wanted to use the sleeves in some way but when I first started I wasn’t sure how, so I cut the shirt below the sleeves and discarded the top of the shirt for a while.

I measured my waist and the shirt was a little bigger than I needed so I cut both the edges of the skirt and sewed these at the right width of my waist and then started on the top of the skirt.

I wanted to create a cool waist band so I cut both of the sleeves and sewed these together the width of my waist so that I incorporated the cuffs into the waist band. I then folded all of these over and hemmed them all and sewed them to the top of the skirt.

It wasn’t that difficult but I was really pleased with the end result.

The front of the skirt has the buttons from the shirt down the middle and using the sleeves means that the top of the skirt has some lovely details that make it a little bit different.

Using the sleeves for the waist band also means that the back of the skirt has some really nice but simple details on as well, which I really love.

When you wear the skirt the details really show nicely, and it is so comfortable to wear.

And it fits which is amazing I am really surprised that it fits if I am totally honest I did think it may be a complete fail a few times when I was making it. If I am totally honest I think I need to move the top button across a little as it is a little loose, not enough that it falls down but a little bit, which is a little thing that can be fixed to be honest.

But to be honest for my first attempt at sewing anything for us to wear I am really pleased with it, and I love it.

I am sure I will be making more things in the future.

Who would have thought nearly 8 months ago I would have the ability to sew a skirt from myself, when I was still having to read how to thread my needle.


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