Handmade Dog Bandanas

Yesterday was Buddy’s birthday, and we always celebrate the dogs birthdays, and they always receive presents, for both of their birthdays. Recently their diet has changed dramatically as Buddy has a few digestive issues so they have both put on a little weight so I didn’t really want to buy them food. But when they are indoors they don’t actually wear collars so I decided to make them some handmade dog bandanas instead.

I have seen these in various styles over the years of owning a dog, and I have always wanted my dogs to have one, and I had the perfect material upstairs.

A comic style superhero fabric.

I cut a square that was 18 by 18 inches and then cut this square diagonally in half and stitched around all the edges of the triangles.

As both dogs have the same fabric I cut out a B for Buddy and a N for Norman out of red felt and hand sewed these onto the bottom corner of the bandana.

All in all both dog bandanas took me about half an hour from start to finish.

Even though they didn’t take too long to make I have to be honest I wasn’t 100% sure what either Buddy or Norman would think of them.

Luckily they aren’t that bothered and both will wear them happily around the house.

They are really easy to put on and we just tie two knots making sure that we leave the same gap that we would leave for their collars when they wear them when we are walking, a two finger space.

When I put them first on Norman created a lot and it didn’t seem that he was that happy with it. I quickly discovered the problem though Norman doesn’t like his on his back he likes to wear it like a bib and once I moved it around to his front he wasn’t bothered.

Whereas Buddy likes to wear his bandana at the back of his neck and is really comfortable wearing his and wasn’t at all bothered about putting it on.

As you can see the length of 18 inches is perfect for both of them as it means that they do not get a very long tail after they are tied up which means that they can not get hold of them to tear them.

But they both seem to be comfortable in them and not bothered by them and we all love them and think they look fab.

(As a little note my two are not collar lovers, and these bandanas are only worn when they are with us and are awake, these are removed when ever we leave them on their own or when they are sleeping)


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