Saving Our Planet One Straw At A Time

BB is very against plastic, he hates plastic and is generally on a plastic crusade in our house.

He has all but reduced most of the plastic that he uses in his lunchbox, apart from the box that he uses regularly, but has stopped most of the packaging that I would have usually put on his food.

He regularly checks what can go into our recycling and what we can’t use.

And quite often reminds us about what plastic does to our sea life, including whale stillbirths, turtles struggling to breathe with straws up their noses, or plastic can rings around their necks, etc etc.

We have all seen the videos and the clips around the internet, but BB reminds us on a regular basis.

We have a lot of cups, glass I may add that need a straw and it was his nemesis to be honest, we have in the past brought paper straws but to be honest I don’t really like them and Boo chews his so they just become a glumpy mess which then doesn’t actually help anyone!

Paper straws weren’t the best option for us at this time, with Boo and his fascination of chewing them.

Then my friend at Dormouse and The Teapot posted about some metal straws that she was now selling and these looked the perfect alternative to plastic straws.

They would keep BB happy and they were strong enough to stop Boo from chewing them, the perfect combination.

I instantly ordered them both a straw, and was able to pick the stamping that I had put on each straw.

They arrived super quickly, personalised with our own saying and with a little tiny brush to clean them with, which was just amazing.

The boys absolutely love them and they love the saying, RESPECT, LOVE AND PROTECT OUR OCEANS, it suits both of my ocean loving kids perfectly and they love the colour of their straws.

They are so easy.

They sit on the side and our used whenever the boys need a straw BB has the orange/red one and Boo has the gold one. They wash easily with their little straws and then sit and wait for the next time they are needed to be used.

No more plastic, no more wasted straws in this house.

If you would like to order your own you can order them already with a stamp design on them, or with a personalised option from Dormouse and The Teapots shop here, but do also check out their other stamped items as she does amazing unique gifts!

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