Rough Day

Yesterday I had about three hours sleep and it was a day that I would have ordinarily survived on coffee, cake, biscuits and chocolate.

But I tried really hard not to do that.

But it was so so hard.

In the morning it wasn’t too bad, I had planned our lunch and tea at the weekend so that both of them were slimming world friendly.

The first problem was the fact that with everything happening the night before I hadn’t actually prepared any overnight oats. So the morning was a little screwed as soon as I woke up.

But I decided to have some Weetabix as it still fitted in with the rest of the meals plans.

That and lunch were fine.

The problems began at tea time.

I made pizza turkey from the magazine, while Mr L and BB loved it I really didn’t.

Which meant then early evening, I was hubby and I was tired and I wanted a massive sugar kick.

It was the beginning of a slippery slope if I let it.

And it was not helped my the boys getting galaxy chocolate from their nanny and grandad.

I needed to find something that would hit this sugar craving but that wouldn’t do too much damage!

I had to go shopping anyway for a couple of bits so thought I would try to find something in the shops.

It was really hard, I could have easily brought the whole chocolate aisle, but I knew if I did that then I really wouldn’t stop and weigh in is on Thursday so I didn’t want to sabotage the rest of the week.

In the end I found some Fab ice lollies, and at only four syns each they hit the sugar and the chocolate.

Well at least they did last night.

And didn’t make me feel completely guilty eating them.

Yesterday was my hardest day by far.

I have come to realise we need to do a lot of planning around when it comes to slimming world and I need to have a serious think about snack items. I have upped the savoury snack items this week that have been available, but I really need to find some low syn sweet snack items. That is what I need and what I am missing the most.

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