One Stone Gone

After an awful week this week with Boo being in and out of hospital all week Mr L and I have been shattered and stressed.

There is nothing more stressful than a poorly child when you’re a parent.

All I have personally wanted is chocolate.

Thankfully we had meal planned for the week so at least the main meals were sorted this week, even though I was tired and stressed, I knew exactly what I was making for tea so that was a good thing.

But it was the snacks I struggled with.

All I wanted was chocolate, ice cream, biscuits and crisps and I wanted lots of them.

I resisted most of the time.

As I knew if I started I would eat the whole packet, tub, tube of them all.

But it was really hard to do.

And it made me grumpy.

I had to rethink how I usually deal with these situations. I am a comfort eater I know that. So having to not go to my usual rescue was really difficult.

But I did manage it.

After going to the meeting convinced I hadn’t done very well, and saying to Mr L that I would just be grateful for a pound loss. I went in to be weighed and lost three pounds.

I was amazed!

Which meant I finally got my stone award.

Which was also amazing.

I really wanted to get my stone this week. But needing a 3 pound loss, I was convinced I wouldn’t get it and would be waiting another week.

So I was totally surprised to achieve it.

I am definitely not saying that Slimming World is easy, this last week I have struggled, but it is still working, and even though I have struggled purely because I just wanted a day of pure chocolate and cake! I have actually done ok, more surprisingly I was shocked how mentally I was ok if the scales weren’t that kind to me this week. Which is a better mindset that I had last time I did Slimming World. And that to me is a massive improvement.

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