Slimming World Week Four

Last night was our fourth Slimming World where has that month gone.

It was one that we were both dreading to be honest.

We had been away at the weekend, and had been out for dinner last night as we won a meal out for two some time ago. I had also been poorly, and it had been half term.

Nothing had seemed to go really well this week.

And to top it all of we both are getting on the verge of wanting no more fruit and veg in our lives at the moment.

We were convinced we had put weight on, Mr L definitely so. He was certain of it.

And it was worrying him, last week he got his stone award but with only a half pound over and he was worried he would put weight on and go back under the stone loss.

So it was with intrepidity that we stood in the queue for waiting for our turn to get on the scales.

But we needn’t have worried.

Both of us lost two pounds this week.

A loss that we were both shocked at and were not expecting at all. But a loss none the less.

Meaning that Mr L is now sixteen and a half pounds lighter and I am eleven pounds lighter.

Which is massive in just four weeks.

And something I am so proud of us for.

Especially as it hasn’t always come easy.

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