Reasons To Be Cheerful 1, 2, 3 Week 3

This week I have lots of reasons to be cheerful and it is has actually been hard to narrow them down to just three, I have to be honest. But I will give it a try.

1) It has been my birthday this week, and yes I am now the big 30 but I had such a lovely day, I got so spoilt and love all my friends and family hugely. I got two gorgeous cookbooks, a slow cooker one, and a massive cookbook. I got some money to spend on just me, and a gorgeous new Filofax, yes I know it is lovely and a gorgeous scrapbook kit that is lovely. But as well as all that I also got some jewellery so did very well. I had two meals out in one day, scrap the diet this week, its my birthday! You have to pig out occasionally if you can’t on your birthday when can you? It was a lovely day and I felt really blessed.

2) I have a CyberMummy sponsor I don’t want to say to much until it is final but I am so excited that I am finally going. I can’t wait, it was an amazing experience last year and I can not wait for it again this year. So thank you to all the people that helped me get the sponsor and there are a few of you. You know who you are!

3) I have finally made a decision about work and I spoke about here. I am so pleased I have made the decision I feel lighter and better about it all. I can not wait for the writing and the website to take off and am working so massively on trying to get everything finished but at the same time having so much fun. But the thing I am so grateful for is that Mr L is letting me get on with it.

So these are my reasons to be cheerful this week. What are yours?

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