You see birth,

Walking through the corridors,

Slowly breathing, stopping and starting

Screaming, shouting and groaning

The sounds vibrate through the walls

People arriving as one person and leaving as a family

There is a rush a quickness

Pain, screams, and moans

Cries and pain

And then there is silence

An eerie silence waiting for that cry.

The cry that fills the room,

People hold their breath

And then a smile fills the air

A happiness that they have never felt before

A family is born

A tranquility over takes

Although it is not quiet,

It is peace and it is happy

You see fear,

People rushing in lights flashing,

Babies bundled in their arms

Mothers fearful, gasping for hope

Not wanting to let their child go

Passing you the most precious thing in their lives

Trusting you,

Praying for you to help,

Hoping, pacing, crying screaming silently inside

Pacing watching on, only being able to stand there


Listening to the quietness in the air,

There are noises for sure

Beeping and crashing and talking

But all that disappears when they are waiting.

It all goes past in a blur and is silent movement

Nothing gets passed the waiting.

You see death

People running down the corridors,

Trying to get their loved one on time

Knowing they haven’t got long

The loved one, laying in the bed

Not moving just waiting for their time

Feet are pounding, again a silence is among the people arriving

This is a unbelievably scary silence

One where your walls are closing in,

They are struggling to breathe to get there on time

They thrash through the doors waking the ward

And they slow down

The air turns cold

The ward turns grey

Everyone knows what is happening

No one says a word

The silence is interrupted a weeping is heard

Trolleys are moved, motions are in place

Respect is given where respect is due

No one speaks

People leave but others stay

Suddenly the pounding relatives leave you

A bag in their hand

Head down, and tissue at their face

There is noise now

Massive noise, an unbearable noise

Where they can no longer think

They walk faster your walls are closing in

They need to escape they don’t need to be here

They are healthy they need to get out!


This post was brought to you for the Writing Workshop. The prompt this week was to go on a word hunt and spot a good word or phrase. Hospital is a word that I am currently seeing on a daily basis we have loads of appointments and it is a word I can not escape from at the moment.

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