Dear So And So… Animals, Lessons and Cunning Plans

Dear Tito,

Now I love you dearly, but I am really getting to the end of my tether! Why have you stopped scratching to let us know that you want to go out for a wee. We can’t see the back door, so we don’t know you are standing there, will you please go back to scratching like you used to. As I am fed up with the accidents in the hallway. You need to make a noise! You’re a dog bark for goodness sake!

Your Owner x


Dear Baba

There is a lesson and I know it is hard to learn especially at 2 years of age. But sometimes in life you do not get what you want. This does not mean that you have to throw yourself on the floor, screaming and shouting at me. It also does not mean that you have to throw anything in site because you haven’t got what you wanted. This is a harsh reality but you need to deal with it in a much better way!

Love Always

Mummy xxx


Dear Mr L,

I knew you would hate me inviting your friend round last weekend to help you sort the rubbish out. But you know what my secret plan worked. High five to me!

You got up extra earlier on Sunday and did everything that I wanted before he came round, because you refused to let them think that you didn’t do anything. Haha.

Not such a pretty face me you know, I have cunning plans too. I will get you doing stuff just in my own way.

Love you xx


Dear Readers

Thank you so much for reading this little Ole blog for the last year. You have made me a very happy person over here!

Love Kerry xx


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