Babas Garden

This year Baba wanted a little project at home, he wanted to work on something and learn about something completely new, so we started Baba’s garden.

It started with a new little greenhouse, nothing amazing just a plastic covered walk in-house that he can go into daily and potter around in.

We then decided on some seeds and got his trays, and compost and waited until it was time to sow the seeds.

We haven’t brought anything complicated, just simple fruit and vegetables that we all love. Carrots, lettuce, sweet peppers, courgettes, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, melons, kiwi, pumpkin, strawberries and some herbs.

Every morning since the beginning of April Baba goes out in the morning checks all of his seeds for weeds and opens up the greenhouse. Every evening he then goes back and waters the plants and closes up the greenhouse. The last couple of days I have been moving the seeds to let them sunbathe a little in this gorgeous weather.

It is something that he is really enjoying, and over the last few days he has decided he wants to step this up and do even more. He has been planning the whole garden, nothing yet is in the vegetable patch and we have a few more vegetables to grow in there as well. First we need to move this first batch of seedlings.

A lot of them are now too big for the first trays that we started growing them in and this weekend we need to prick them out and move them into larger areas and more soil so they can grow more.

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So this week he has been watching You Tube and learning how to prick out the vegetables and move them to larger areas for growing. But he doesn’t want to stop there.

He has his own gardening journal and has started writing all the names of all the fruit and vegetables that he is learning and has also looked up all their names in other languages, so far we can say carrot, tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage and brussels sprouts in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch.

We have also been discussing how we can cook with all of this food and he wants to research recipes and try them out to see what he likes and doesn’t like.

But the next big job for us with Baba and Boo is making some scarecrows for the vegetable patch, which after a good while searching on Pinterest Baba has decided he wants a Tinman Scarecrow so we are all saving our tins to make that possible.

It is lovely seeing him really get into something that is outside and can keep him outside all year, and I am learning too so it means we can spend some quality time learning together which makes the whole experience even better.


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