Making Time To Read

Since I was poorly in February I took the opportunity to read.

Not just the general fiction books that fill up our stairs but some of the self help books, and business books.

I am drawn to them and have loads to be honest.

But while I have been reading them I have learnt something I am really really negative about myself.

I don’t have a great view of myself and I don’t feel I should be allowed good things into my life.

It has taken a few books worth to make me realise how much I actually think very badly of myself.

I have decided to be totally proactive about this and try to change my opinion as it is not a good opinion to have of yourself.

And very hypocritical to tell the boys to believe in themselves when actually I don’t.

I am not sure if I have always been like it or if I changed somewhere.

I know when Rhianna died I questioned myself a lot more and maybe that is when I stopped believing in myself.

I am not sure.

But the truth is that I really don’t belive in myself and think negatively about myself a lot.

So it needs to be changed.

And it isn’t going to change over night but it has to start somewhere.

My self belief and self worth need to improve massively.

And I am determined to improve them both.

So watch this space!

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