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When I was pregnant with Baba I put on nearly five stone, he was a diddy 5lbs 12ozs so it wasn’t him at all really! By the end of the pregnancy they thought that I had pre-eclampsia and I was rushed in to be induced five days early, as my blood pressure got higher and they thought I had protein in my system. After some anxious times before and after the labour and actually being really scared by a midwife who told me I wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital as I could have a fatal stroke as I had pre-eclampsia, I finally saw the consultant who told me I was fine and that I had never had it in the first place, and that I could go straight home.

So I knew the moment that we found out that I was expecting this baby that it was going to be brought up and mentioned. I have lost some weight since having Baba but not a huge amount, to be fair I am still carrying a lot of the weight that I put on with him. So when I went for my first appointment for this pregnancy I knew that something would be said. Straight away I was told that as I have a high BMI this time, I will need to have a glucose test, and a scan at 28 and 32 weeks along with the other scans. I was a little bit gutted to be honest, but I was fine with that I knew that something would happen. Although I haven’t been so fine with the recent post that I received in the past month, I have to go for a two-hour talk about the care for my pregnancy on the 1st of March. I will be honest I have a midwives appointment next week and I will be asking if this is really necessary. I already feel pretty patronised by the letter so I know how I will feel in this two-hour talk. 

I know I have excess weight thanks for that, but I also know already that I am eating better than I was with Baba’s pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Baba all I could literally stomach was chocolate, Salt and Vinegar Crisps, a bit of bread and Cherry Coke. This pregnancy yes I have felt sick in but I have managed to carry on eating. I am very into cheese! Cheese and crackers seem to be my craving, but other than that I am doing well at eating proper meals. I am loving couscous for lunch full of vegetables and am liking stews, rice, stir fries and a good hearty roast dinner. I am trying really hard to eat different variety of food. I did have a thing for fruit at the beginning but that has disappeared although I am eating a lot of vegetables, and am trying to get at least five veg in every dinner that I make.

But it is always at the forefront of my mind, I don’t want to get gestational diabetes, it is something that scares me a lot, much more than I would like to admit to be honest. My dad has diabetes and I really don’t want to increase my chances of it, but at the same time I really don’t want another scare with pre-eclampsia. I am really concerned about it and am already stressing about this meeting on the 1st of March last night Mr L and I had a bit of chat about it, and I am debating whether to do some cooking out of my old slimming world books, as I know this is healthy food, and Mr L wants to lose some weight himself so it wouldn’t be a bad thing. But I want to do what is best for the baby.

So I am looking for some advice really as I really want to stay healthy this pregnancy, I need to get doing some exercising as well that is also at the forefront. I want to be walking the dog more, not that he is that impressed in this weather anyway! Try to get him out for a walk and he just looks at you to be honest! But I do want to do more things.

So I am asking you readers for recommendations, what good recipes can I make? Where is a good place to get advice? What are good exercises to do, or are there any good exercise dvd’s out there that you would recommend?

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  • It’s looks to me as though you are already fully aware of what you need to e doing for you and your baby, and nobody can make you do anything that you don’t want to do.
    I also have to be tested for gestational diabetes because of my weight, but the meeting they are trying to get you to go to sounds a little patronising and, if you are anything like me, embarrassing.
    Obviously it’s best to have the blood test but all pregnancies are different and i know they have to consider all previous history, but they shouldn’t be judging you on your previous experience.
    I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly and that you can enjoy it. Just carry on doing what you are doing already.
    Sending best wishes. X

    • Thank you, I have spoken to the midwife, and it doesn’t sound that bad. She has reassured me that it really want be that long and that the person I am seeing is lovely, and I do love my midwife so I will trust her with what she says and see how it goes. xx

  • Hello there, first of all a huge congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I am 15.5 weeks pregnant and lost weight prior to getting pregnant with Thinking Slimmer. Since discovering I was pregnant I have continued with listening to the maintainance and chocoholic cure slimpods and have found that I am not piling the weight on & have been eating really healthy (except for past 2 weeks…due to queasiness). Would really recommend it as it does change your whole thinking patterns around food.

    In my first pregnancy I exercised all the way up to 40 weeks. Swimming 3 x a week and body pump 2x a week. I would definitely recommend swimming as it relaxed me and made me feel really well. I have not been that energetic in my last pregnancy or this one but am currently walking and hope to use my cross trainer a bit once the tiredness eases off a bit.

    My friend actually had gestational diabetics. She is fine now but she ate really healthy after discovering she had it… no sugar or fat at all and actually lost weight whilst pregnant, the remaining fell off quickly afterwards. So maybe try not to eat too much off those things.

    Would love to help if I can and share experiences. Will follow you via your blog & twitter. Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, I did start using the Thinking Slimmer Slimpod, but actually stopped when I found out I was pregnant I also had the chocoholic one as well. I have currently lost my Ipod I may need to try and find it and start listening to these again as they sound like they are doing the world of good for you.

      I really want to tackle my fitness as well, currently am not well and nor is Baba so will have to tackle all of that next week once we are better I think.

      Thanks for the advice and I will follow you back and hopefully we can support each other when needed. xx

  • Hi don’t let the letter worry you it might be a standard letter you know what they are like for sending blanket letters. I haven’t got any suggestions of recipes just the usual of trying to eat healthy. I know thats not always possible. Good luck in your quest

    wendy x

    • Thank you Wendy that is so kind and helpful, I have spoken to the midwife I don’t think that it is as bad as I thought it was. Although I still think that I have to majorly sort out my diet asap xx

  • Hello Lovely, aaahhh there’s nothing like feeling totally patronised along with all the hormones & emotions of pregnancy is there?! Ho hum. Right, well if I may offer some advice as this is kinda *my thing*… 😉
    Please forgive me a few links, but there is so much on this on my blog its easier that way… for exercise advice, including some information & a video on how to workout, but keep everything low impact… go here
    If you check this one out, there is an explanation of weight gain during pregnancy, how much is baby (but also placenta, extra blood volume etc etc – so you don’t have to discount, EVERYTHING except the weight of the baby! 😉
    Having said that, as you already know you’re carrying extra weight & that puts you at risk for a few extra- curricular pregnancy delights… 🙁
    Don’t cook ‘low fat’ or ‘diet’. DO eat food which is as fresh & natural as possible & every time you feel like eating some crap (& lets face it, those moments will come) put your coat on, grab your reluctant dog & get outside. The more you walk the better.
    Go every single day.
    Rain or shine – get out there & stride – you will feel SO much better for it & it puts you in the healthy, fit, strong, fresh air frame of mind instead of in the sit on the sofa & eat crisps & feel depressed about it… frame of mind.
    Everything you eat, think ‘would I feed my baby this?’. If the answer is “Don’t be mad!”, then don’t feed it to either of you. Your body is REALLY BUSY right now. It needs nourishment – not crap.
    Often women find it easier to switch to healthier choices in pregnancy by thinking of their food as literally feeding their baby – does your scrumptious little baby really want crisps? Nah.
    Try not to let the healthcare providers get you down. They have to tick their boxes & getting mad will only make you more stressed & in the mood to defy them… Walk to your appointments! Tell them you’re consulting with a pregnancy exercise & nutrition expert (that’ll be me then – point them to my site if they ask) that you’re going for a brisk walk every day & making healthy choices. You’re not going to ‘diet’ but you are going to be healthy & strong for your pregnancy.

    There’s more pregnancy & food information on the site here

    I hope this helps & please please keep asking of you have specific questions


  • Hi there.

    I had real ding dong pre eclampsia with my son at 27 weeks.

    Pre eclampsia does not have a direct relationship with weight. A general pregnant woman’s risk is 3% an obese woman’s is 11 – 14%, so higher, but not massively higher. Funnily enough, low BMI women are at a high risk too. No one knows why some people get PE and some don’t.

    In terms of eating Tommy’s the Baby Charity have a fantastic free booklet on managing weight in pregnancy. I am a huge advocate of Tommy’s information, and have actually appeared on ITV and been on BBC radio talking about managing weight in pregnancy.

    The extra monitoring you are receiving is great, and I would argue, should be standard, as it is in other countries, regardless of weight. In countries like Australia every woman has the GD test, and in European countries, most scan reguarly, not just 12 and 20 weeks.

    If you need any help don’t hesitate to contact me. Tommy’s midwives have a phone service and they can help you too.

    In terms of specifics, the MUTU system advice is spot on!

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